advantages of Brass Fittings

Plumbing Fitting

Brass is one in every of the foremost unremarkable used materials for creating pipe fittings. The Zn and copper alloy has been used for hundreds of years attributable to its distinctive properties that create it a decent choice for a spread of uses. Of course, in additional recent history and trendy times, the most common use for brass is in pipes and fittings utilized in plumbing.

Brass pipe fittings are typically the selection of plumbers and alternative construction professionals because of its dynamic properties. it’s more sturdy and versatile than other material choices and immune to corrosion.

Brass pipe fittings are usually used for carrying water, chemicals, ignitable gases and alternative plumbing substances. Pipe fittings fabricated from brass are available in a large vary of shapes and thread sizes to connect, adapt, or management any liquid or gas in pipes.

Besides plumbing, brass fittings are used for a few automotive applications, corresponding to in air brakes, hose ends, and piping valves. you’ll also notice brass fittings in ball cock adapters, icebox cooler fittings, and compression fittings.

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