How to choose fittings?

When it comes to picking a brass fitting, the ability to tell a good one from a bad one is crucial. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous producers and distributors on the market, therefore you must carefully consider all of the criteria when selecting materials:

  • Pay close attention to the part’s weight. If the product appears to be overly light, this suggests that the maker cut corners and made the walls too thin. Keep in mind that brass has a density of 5 g/cm3;
  • The product’s quality should be the second thing to consider. Take a close look at the fit. Chips, low-quality thread, a crooked exit, and other flaws should not be present. You can use it to connect to a pipe in the store as a test.
  • Last but not least, consider the product’s price. If it’s too low for your city’s market, you should consider why. Perhaps the manufacturer cut corners on alloy, resulting in a product that could cause the entire pipeline system to fail.
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